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Niagara FAM Tour: Flat Rock Cellars and El Gastronomo Vagabundo

Breakfast taco

Our first stop was Flat Rock Cellars in Jordan. Worth visiting for the vista alone, the winery overlooks the Twenty Mile Bench and affords spectacular views from all directions. The architecture of the buildings fits into the environment perfectly, which is not surprising considering Flat Rock’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Flat Rock Cellars specializes in three types of wines: Riesling, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir. They also have some Gewurztraminer, which they use in their very popular “Twisted” blend. We tried several of their wines, and they were all delicious. We were even able to taste some Pinot Noir straight from the barrel.

We also had our first food of the day: a “breakfast taco” filled with eggs, bacon, honey, tomatoes, and several other fresh, local ingredients. The food was prepared by Tamara Jensen and Adam Hynam-Smith, owners of a gourmet mobile food truck called “El Gastronomo Vagabundo”. This retro-fitted courier truck with a full commercial kitchen offers up globally-inspired street foods, such as tacos, tapas, and Southeast Asian dishes. The gourmet truck served food throughout the summer and fall at the winery, with diners eating on the Flat Rock Cellars Green Roof patio above the underground barrel cellar. Continue reading “Niagara FAM Tour: Flat Rock Cellars and El Gastronomo Vagabundo”

Niagara Region Familiarization Tour

On the day after the OCTA Summit, I attended a Niagara region familiarization tour (aka FAM tour) organized by OCTA and the Wine Council of Ontario. The tour was primarily aimed at media representatives, but a few tickets were available for the general public (like me).

This was my first experience with a tour aimed at industry insiders, rather than the general public. The day was amazing – wonderful wines, delicious food, and beautiful scenery. Although some of the experiences were a little fancier than what the average visitor would enjoy, most of the tour could easily be recreated by independent travellers.

We visited four wineries:

I will provide details and pictures of each winery in separate blog entries, so please keep reading!

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