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OCTA Summit: Pitching to the Media

One of the most interesting sessions at the OCTA Summit was the media panel entitled “Tastes that Tempt the Media”. This session focused on how to pitch culinary tourism stories to the media. I found this session particularly interesting because of my experience in working with the media in technology. There’s nothing like immersing yourself in a totally new industry to see things from a fresh perspective.

There were three panel members from the culinary journalism field: Adam Sachs from New York City, Steve Dolinsky from Chicago, and Randall Shirley from Vancouver. I thought they were all great, but my favourite was Randall Shirley. His stories of growing up on an Idaho potato farm and not being allowed to eat rice because it was “the competition” were hilarious. Continue reading “OCTA Summit: Pitching to the Media”

OCTA Summit: Chef Michael Smith

Well it took me a little longer than I thought to blog about the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance Summit. In the meantime, some great articles have come out describing Chef Michael Smith’s keynote presentation:

Foodservice & Hospitality Magazine
Good Food Revolution
This Little Piggy

This was the first time I had heard Chef Michael Smith speak. In fact, I’ve never seen any of his TV shows, but if I ever get cable or satellite, I will be sure to tune in! He is such an engaging speaker, and so well spoken. His speech was a great start to the conference.

Here are some key quotes from Michael Smith that really stood out for me: Continue reading “OCTA Summit: Chef Michael Smith”

Ontario Culinary Tourism Summit

Today I attended a really great culinary tourism conference put on by the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance. This was my first conference outside of the world of high-tech. For those who aren’t familiar with my background, I have spent almost 20 years in the software business, most of it in data security. While I have always enjoyed conferences in my field (especially when I get to meet customers), the conference topics can sometimes be a little dry (cryptographic algorithms anyone?). So you can imagine how amazing it is to attend a conference about two things things that everyone loves: food and travel. Continue reading “Ontario Culinary Tourism Summit”

Agritourism Ethics

I ran into an interesting ethical dilemma yesterday while doing research for my agritourism guidebook.

I had gone to visit an agritourism operation that is unique in the Ottawa region, maybe even in the world. It was an informative and enjoyable experience, one that I’m sure many tourists would enjoy.

But here’s the catch: while the owner appeared to be taking proper care of the animals that were the star attraction, he was abusing some other animals in his care. Most disturbingly, he was raising puppies in an absolutely filthy shed that had obviously not been cleaned in many days (I saw at least 11 large feces from the one mother dog, who was locked in the shed with her puppies). The smell of ammonia was overpowering and made my eyes water. The poor dog was staring out of the one window, begging for attention and to be let out. So sad. Continue reading “Agritourism Ethics”

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