My blog on the OttawaStart "very strongly recommended" list

I’m excited to report a couple recent developments pertaining to this blog. First, a big thanks to the OttawaStart blog, which named Agritourism Ottawa as one of its 30 “very strongly recommended” blogs about Ottawa. I am very honoured to have been put on the list! Thank you also to any new readers who followed the link from the OttawaStart blog. If you want to get updates through RSS or email, just click the Subscribe button on the left hand side.

Earlier in the week, OttawaStart also published its list of 26 “essential Ottawa blogs”, which represent the very best blogs in the region. This is where I learned about a recently launched blog called Local Tourist Ottawa, which features articles from local writers about places to explore in Ottawa. I contacted the blog coordinators to discuss contributing to their blog, and my first blog post is now in the works! I will post more here when the article is published, but I will say that the article includes news that will thrill organic food lovers, especially in the west end of Ottawa!

In other news, the maple syrup season is now starting (Fulton’s opens today!), so stay tuned for profiles of the best sugar bushes in the region.