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While driving home from Saunders Farm, I came across a great new farm-direct store. The Hobbs Family Meat and Bakery store is on Dwyer Hill Road in Ashton, just south of Stittsville. Specializing in Black Angus and Angus cross beef, the Hobbs family is the 4th generation to manage and operate this 200 year old farm. In mid-June, they opened a retail store on their property, and are selling meat from their farm, as well as home-made “Meals to Go” and baked goods. They also have a small cafe within the store, where you can enjoy a sandwich and a coffee.

The Hobbs use no growth hormones or antibiotics in their feed. Although the beef is not organic, they do try to follow organic methods as much as possible. The animals are processed in Smiths Falls, which means the cattle do not have a particularly long journey to the abattoir (unlike factory farms). And because you are buying direct from the farmer, you can put in requests for special cuts of meat, which the Hobbs will try to fulfill if possible. For example, the Hobbs sell more unusual parts of the cow, such as oxtail, heart, and tongue. They have also accommodated special requests for parts such as eyeballs!

One thing I really like about their store is that it’s self-serve. As shown below, you just go up to the freezers and have a look through to see what you’d like to buy. The meat is all vacuum-sealed in clear bags, so you can see exactly what you’re buying. And the prices are clearly displayed on the packages. Speaking of prices, they are excellent. For example, ground beef is $3/lb, blade roasts are $4.30/lb, and a large shepherd’s pie with a very generous amount of meat was $8.50. Hobbs Meats also sells sausage, as well as pork and chicken in various cuts.

But the real test is how the meat tastes when you get it home and cook it. I can now tell you from experience that their products are excellent. The seasoned hamburger patties are amazing! I am still working through everything I bought, but so far everything has been delicious.

Hobbs Meats and Bakery is definitely worth the drive to stock up on local meat at a great price. They are open every day except Monday. Check their website for exact hours.